Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Boxes off to our Missionaries!

Boxes are out! Yippy Super Excited.
 Just got back from a wonderful week in Destin, Florida. Destiny on the Bay. Gorgeous beaches. Amazing company. 5 days of hands on Emotional Polarity Technique training.
 May look like our house was far from the beach but it was just one block to the sand. White, fine, clean, glorious sand.

Just one of my new EPT friends. Sweet sweet Sandra. 

So grateful I have an amazing husband that believes in me and supports me in following my interests & continuing my education.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Letters are here!

I have to say... .right now it seems I live for letters. Letters from my kids! Today Andrew's came and there was only a brief paragraph. I was like, "Are you kidding me!!!! Are you kidding me?" I was in the middle of helping out a sister in our Ward, so I stewed for sometime until I was later surprised to find two more email this afternoon. Boy was he ever going to be in hot water with me. :) Aww.... Sure wish BYU Jerusalem had the same writing policies as the missionaries do. She is in Turkey this week. I'm sure she is having thethime of her life, but I will be very happy when she is back in Israel and at the center & has access to computers.  I miss my Brealynn!

PS. I am adding a subscribe button to each of the boys blogs. I was trying to cut down on emails, but it is not working the way i wanted it to. IF just their updates subscribe directly on their blogs. Thanks!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally, We Hear from Andrew!

We could not figure out why we had heard  from Bryan but not Andrew. Mystery solved. Yeah!

We invite you to join us!

Our absolute favorite weekend of Fall! Log on to and feel the Spirit in the words of a modern day living prophet! What council would The Lord have us head during these turbulent days in our country & our world. 

We thank the of God for a prophet to lead us in these latter days!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Letter From Elder J.B. Jacobson

I was expecting letters today from the twins, but only one from Bryan came. I was so excited to get it... I laughed and cried as I read it out loud to an empty house. Click to Read!

The Daniel Report

Okay, so most of you know that three years ago our Daniel was diagnosed with what the doctors believed was Crohn's Disease. Ugh! One of the worse days of my life. They told us there was no cure. Gave us a jug of Steroids for the gut inflammation, scared us into rounds of a low grade chemo while we watch Daniel get sicker and sicker.
Long long story.... After months & months of research, trial & error, reading reading reading and networking with a multitude of others, Eight months ago through an online "Crohns Mom" friend we were introduced to a doctor in St. Louis that did not believe he could not be cured.
Today we got the best news ever. For the first time in 3 years Daniels labs are ALL NORMAL!!!!! 8 months ago he was in the 0% on the growth charts, he is now well within the 50%! 8 months ago he weighed 97# (and that was with me pumping him full of super mega shakes every day to no avail.) Today 130! AND 5'1", NOW 5'5"! But best of all, he has had 0 pain these past 8 months.
Is this trial over? I just know this. Our story is a miles long and we have learned so very much and it has taken us down roads we never knew existed. We poured out our hearts and pleaded for guidance, trusted the Lord and went to our own River Jordans so to speak. It was not in the popular, high tech, tested that we found our answers. I am grateful for modern medicine to an extent. I know there is a time and place. (Like the middle of the night ER visits when his pain was so severe that even morphine would not cut it.)
But a small part of what I have learned is that in all things we must be willing to follow the Spirit. Not be afraid to stand up when your "gut" tells you otherwise, EVEN when it goes against seemingly whole medical communities. The mode & cure will not be the same for everyone.
I am just so grateful for all we have learned, the many many prayers and the huge support from our families & close friends who listened and cried with us & who prayed for our family.  Thank you.